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Version: v0.9.0

kubectl nova install agent

kubectl-nova install agent

Install new Nova Agent Cluster


Install new Nova Agent.

Installs Nova Agent components in current cluster making it part of Nova Workload Fleet in current Nova Control Plane.

kubectl-nova install agent [CLUSTER NAME] [flags]


Start Nova Agent in current cluster with default configuration:

kubectl nova install agent nova-agent-1

Start Nova Agent in some other context using specific version:

kubectl nova --context some-other-context install agent --image-tag v0.5.0 nova-agent-2


  -h, --help                      help for agent
--image-repository string --image-repository elotl/nova-agent (default "elotl/nova-agent")
--image-tag string --image-tag v0.0.0 (default "v0.8.0-rc8-12-g71636018")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string     
--namespace string (default "elotl")
--rollback Rollback changes made during installation in case it fails.


  • kubectl-nova install - Install new Nova Control Plane or connect a new workload cluster to Nova Control Plane
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