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Version: v0.7.1

kubectl nova install control-plane

kubectl-nova install control-plane

Install a new Nova Control Plane in the hosting cluster


Install new Nova Control Plane.

Installs Nova Control Plane components in current cluster, outputs configuration to Nova home directory at ~/.nova

kubectl-nova install control-plane --context=[hosting cluster context]  [CLUSTER NAME] [flags]


Start Nova Control Plane with default configuration:

kubectl nova install control-plane nova-cp


      --dry-run                   If passed, objects are printed out instead of being installed
--gcp-access-key string GCP access key JSON file path. Set for Nova Control Plane running in GKE.
--gcp-project-id string GCP Project ID. Set for Nova Control Plane running in GKE.
-h, --help help for control-plane
--image-repository string (default "elotl/nova-scheduler")
--image-tag string (default "v0.7.0")
--version string (default "v0.7.0")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string     
--namespace string (default "elotl")
--rollback Rollback changes made during installation in case it fails.


  • kubectl-nova install - Install new Nova Control Plane or connect a new workload cluster to Nova Control Plane
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