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Version: v0.9.3

kubectl nova get kubeconfig

kubectl-nova get kubeconfig

Get Nova Control Plane kubeconfig


This command, run in the hosting cluster context, queries for Nova API Server (using label selector component=apiserver) k8s service to get the Nova Control Plane endpoint, and then uses nova-cert secret to generate CA bundle.It uses this to render admin kubeconfig for Nova Control Plane.Make sure that you point to the namespace where Nova Control Plane components (apiserver, kube-controller-manager, etcd & nova-scheduler) run.

kubectl-nova get kubeconfig [--namespace=<control-plane-components-namespace>] [--context=hosting-cluster-context] [flags]


      --context string     Hosting cluster context. This is a context where Nova Control Plane components were installed.
-h, --help help for kubeconfig
-n, --namespace string Namespace where Nova Control Plane components (apiserver, etcd, nova-scheduler, kube-controller-manager) run. (default "elotl")


  • kubectl-nova get - get resources (clusters, schedulegroups or deployments) with additional context
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